What is your #1 Design Business Blocker?

Take the quiz to find out the biggest roadblock that is stopping your design business from growing and scaling.

There are a few common factors that stop interior designers from reaching their business goals. Over the years, working with thousands of designers, I have noticed that the obstacles boil down to 4 main categories. 

The good news is, when you know what exactly is stopping your business from moving forward, you can focus on solving that. 

And when you make it your focus to get unblocked in the key bottleneck for your business, you’ll find that you make rapid progress toward growth

Take the quiz to discover your result.

Discover the ONE factor that will unlock your design business

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What you get

When you take the FREE Design Business Blocker quiz, here’s what you get: 

  • Your unique quiz result showing the primary business blocker that you need to solve in order to scale.
  • An insightful video recap where I share your quiz result and talk about what actions I recommend for you to get unblocked.
  • A detailed PDF report in your email inbox with exactly what your result means.
  • 3 concrete steps you can take right away to solve your unique design business roadblock.
  • The opportunity to book a Clarity Call to talk to someone and get even more insightful (and personalized!) feedback on your quiz results.
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