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Are you running a charity instead of a design business?

If you look in the dictionary you will find that the definition of a business is “an enterprise that makes money”

Do you find yourself working hard, long hours but not getting paid what you are worth?

If you are not making a good living in your interior design business you may be running a charity …or perhaps you just have a hobby.

Here are some questions to ask yourself. TRUE or FALSE

  • You don’t have a separate checking account for your business.
  • You don’t have liability and errors and omissions insurance.
  • You do not use contracts, purchase agreements and purchase orders on your transactions.
  • You do not pay yourself a salary on a regular basis.
  • You regularly give clients far more time and attention than they are paying for.
  • You charge less mark up or no mark at all on “expensive” items because you want the client to have it.
  • You reduce your monthly design time bill before you send it because you believe that the client will not pay it.

If you answered TRUE to most of these questions than you are running a your own personal design charity…

Are you ready to stop this behavior and have a real design business with good clients who love your work and want to pay you?

Are you ready to make good money for your creative genius?

Tip #1 Make a clear and firm decision that interior design is not just you, but a totally separate thriving, profitable business organization. Then set the intention that you deserve to be paid well by the business for your time, talent and product.

Tip#2 Come to realize and accept in your heart that you have been given a divine gift, the gift of creating amazing beauty and comfort in people’s lives. The extent that you are touching people and sharing your gift with the world is evidenced by the money (energy) you create.

Tip#3 Consciously change your relationship with money to one that is caring, nurturing and attentive. Money loves attention and thrives under care. Acknowledge and celebrate every bit of money that flows into your life regardless of where it came from.

Tip#4 Begin by taking action now to set up a business format with “good practice” rules that set limits you will follow about billing for time, charging for and buying product and handling client requests.

Changing the way you think about your business will promote more business opportunities, finding better clients, more creative jobs and getting paid what you are worth.

Be sure to sign up and attend my FREE call “The 5 Critical Factors to Having a Successful Design Business” for more in depth information about how you can     have the design business that you want.

Save the date, Thursday, April 19th at [4:00] PM PST and watch your inbox for your invitation.

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