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20150122-blog-photoMany clients have shared that the reason they choose me over other designers was due to my confidence. When I talked with them I exuded confidence in the quality of my design services, level customer service and a sense that they’d get the beautiful and functional interior that they wanted and asked for.

Now, do you think that I’m one of those “lucky” people who were born with self-confidence?

I’ll tell you the truth…not at all! I had to learn early in my career how to cultivate an aura of self-confidence so clients would believe and trust me.  I had to be “on my dime” when it came to contracts, proposals and pricing, and “fake it till you become it” is my mantra. Whether it was proposing my first 6 figure model home proposal or the first time I stood up in front of a group of designers and spoke (aka the very beginning of Design Biz Blueprint).

Confidence needs to be practiced at all stages of your career and here are some of the ways I keep my confidence up and the successes rolling in the door:

1. Commit first, figure out the “how” later. Success comes from making a solid decision that you’re going to do a certain thing. The actual “how you’re going you do it” comes later and often shows up in surprising ways.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a new client meeting where I said, “Yes, absolutely I can do that for you” and walked out afterwards and thought “Hmmm, I have never done that… I wonder who I can call to find out how to make this work?” Do I always find the answer? Yes.  And did I get that job? Yes, because I confidently accepted the challenge without hesitation.

2. Make decisions from where you want to be. When faced with a decision or new opportunity, it’s important to empower yourself with the mindset of success. Start by imagining you’ve already created a wildly successful design business and the decisions you’d make from that vantage point. Thinking and acting like a winner creates more success and confidence in your business and life.

Many years ago, when I bought my office building for my studio I envisioned my company as being the design leader in my community… so of course it deserved it’s own building. Was I stepping way out of my comfort zone? You bet! Has it been an excellent investment for me? Absolutely.

3. Refer back to your bigger why. There is a bigger “why” you work so hard in your business. It’s the real reason or value you hold for what you do. For some of you, it’s to contribute to your family’s wellbeing, to pay for your kid’s education, to show your children what success looks like or maybe to change the world through healthier environments.

When faced with uncertainty, or a challenging situation, go back to your bigger “why” and see if your potential decision or action is in alignment with your values. I know that when my values align with my actions, my self-confidence is solid and unshakable. Practice these 3 tips and you too will find your confidence soaring!

My bigger why is creating beauty that changes lives, while also teaching others to create world-changing beauty through financially sustainable businesses.

What’s your bigger why?

Setting your vision, goals and mindset up for what you want in your life, and your business, is a vital for being successful. It’s so important that it’s the first order of business for my Good Clients Great Money Mastermind coaching clients. Together we find out what is important in their life and create a plan with measurable milestones for achieving their goals!

If discovering and creating a plan for achieving your goals in 2015 is important, then Good Clients Great Money Mastermind coaching group could be perfect for you!

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