3 Money and Pricing Secrets for Designers

KNOW what you are worth.  CHARGE what you are worth.  ASK for what you are worth.

In this FREE live training series, I’m going to show you the recipe for making consistently profitable fee-based offers for your design services.  

Session 1: Possibility
KNOW What You Are Worth

What is your relationship with money?
Friend or Foe?

(Hint: You can’t attract what you don’t like.)

Discover your MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS and how it influences what you think you should be paid. And what you can do about it, NOW.

The problem is… most designers don’t dream big enough… but we can change that!

You can manifest whatever you want because what you pay attention to… grows!

Session 2: Reflection
CHARGE What You Are Worth

The money you’re paid as a designer is based on the the VALUE you bring to the job, NOT the number of hours it takes to do the job.

Learn how to establish that value.

Discover why experienced designers should NEVER bill hourly (hint: you’re making less than an inexperienced designer).

Learn how to create design fee packages that are the secret to leveraging your business. They’re the solution to maximizing your time and keeping you well paid.

Session 3: Ownership
ASK For What You Are Worth

You can’t have something until you believe that you can have it!  For different results, change your beliefs.

Receiving can be a challenge… especially for women. I’ll share how to know if you are blocking abundance.

Learn how to set your pricing properly and fairly to all parties involved.

Discover how to present any big, gigantic price tag for product or your services with CONFIDENCE (hint: “Pass The Salt”).

Love what you’ve learned in this training?

There’s a lot more to love at the 2020 Summit: Mastering Design Fees & Pricing!

Discover the recipe to breaking through the barriers holding you back, finally getting paid what you are worth, and enjoying more freedom in your business and in your life.

JOIN US for this transformational virtual event:

Wednesday, November 4 through Friday, November 6 2020

I have more confidence in presenting to my clients, and feeling like I am worth what they’re paying me. I’ve gotten more processes in place, hired a couple employees, and have more than doubled my business since I have been with Terri. I’m getting paid for my design and it’s changed my attitude and how I create the jobs because I’m getting paid what I’m worth. I wouldn’t have had that without you.

Laura Capilla

It was the recession when I heard you speak for the first time, it was so powerful to me. You spoke about how our attitudes to money affect how we earn. My income has doubled since then, and I have not made less than six figures for the last four years. It’s made it possible for me to really increase my business tremendously.

Barbara Bell

I want to say that you’ve made a world of difference to my business. I’m moving forward with a feeling of confidence that I’m not taking one step forward and two steps backwards. My income is up 20% and I feel confident it will continue to rise. Thank you!

Nancy DelSanto