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Imagine this scenario, I know you have been there.

You finish a job installation and the client is thrilled, bouncing up and down with delight, saying “ I can’t believe this is my living room, it is so beautiful.” You however are not listening, you are looking at that corner – the corner that you think didn’t turn out quite right. And you are really getting down on yourself because it is not perfect, not the way you imagined. It SHOULD have been better than that. And then you are asking your self, “are you really good enough yet?”

The truth here is, if you completed a job and couldn’t find anything you would do better next time, you must be blind. It is the nature of a good designer to always be looking for ways to become better and better, it is the mark of a professional.

However this truth does not seem to stop you from believing that you are “just not good enough yet.”

You might as well admit it. The real reason that you are not actively going out talking to people and telling them what you do, is because of your fear of “not being good enough yet.” So you avoid going after big job opportunities, you avoid raising your fees and avoid going after a better level of clients.

I see it all the time. I see you undercharging your clients, over-delivering your services, meeting clients on weekends and evenings, and answering emails at midnight and sending text messages on Saturday night. The boundary problems go on and on. But what really matters is that you solve this ugly issue once and for all. Once you have this issue resolved it will cause a positive ripple effect in your income and your
self esteem.

Here are three ways you can get rid of the “not good enough yet” issue.

#1 – You can start by gaining an understanding of your value. Your value to your clients is directly connected to the results they get from working with you. Therefore results = value.

Here is an exercise to strengthen your understanding of your own value. Make a list of 20 ways you bring value and results to your clients (yes, I mean 20.)

Post this list to your vanity mirror and read it out loud every morning. Practice does make perfect and soon you will be able to speak confidently about your value with clients. This exercise will change the way that you see yourself.

#2 – Doubting your value is a childhood-based issue that needs to be treated outside your business. Self-esteem challenges are inside work, and need to be treated as such. Ask your coach to work with you to resolve this issue so that you can flow freely in your business and achieve your goals.

#3 – Clients want to feel good about their spending and purchases. They actually want you to “connect the dots” for them. When you are working with them, continue to point out the value of the services you provide and the product you install. Say something like this:

The value of ____________________ is _____________________________.

“You know the value of these window coverings is that besides being beautiful they will create a lot of savings in energy costs.”


How does this new design change work in the space for you?__________________________

How does this new design change work in the space for you? “Wow, we had 14 people for dinner last Saturday and there was room for everyone!”

When you take action to resolve old conflicts and strengthen your self-esteem your income will improve and business will attract the jobs and clients that you want.

Resource: Kendall SummerHawk, KendallSummerHawk.com

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