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The tools you use to up-level your business are the same you use to start your business.

You’ve heard me say it before, so this time I’m going to let someone else share their experience with you.

Gala is the owner of Gala Magriña Design, a Manhattan commercial interior design agency that works with brands to bring them to life in a retail, showroom, or wholesale environment.

She didn’t come from the interior design world and has quickly learned both technical and process systems that have established herself as a go-to interior designer with some big name brands.

Gala has had lots of changes with processes and setting up her business to run smoother and more efficiently, including how she pitches new business, talks to clients, and creates proposals.

This combined with the IDBA tips on a little bit more of that “schmooze”, she’s landed bigger and better projects, including 20,000 square foot stores as tests for possibly rolling out to 160 other stores across the US.

What I love about IDBA is that, it’s a coaching program, is you’re dealing with coaching subjects such as, mindset, vulnerability, all of this stuff, but Terri also has a wealth of knowledge of how to physically run an interior design business,” says Gala.

Interior design doesn’t have to be your first career in order to be a success. You can be in business for 1 year or 31 years but if you don’t have the support, tools, and mindset… you’re not going to reach your full potential.

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P.S. Overwhelm and a lack of clarity can stall a design business for months if not years.

You need help you get clear on what is happening in your business, what it is you want that isn’t happening, and the necessary steps to get results… fast. And that’s exactly what you’ll get during a Clarity Call Session!

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