Starting With The End in Mind

Starting with the end in mind is one of my all-time favorite interior design business management tools and strategies.

This concept is pretty easy for interior designers because we always start with the end in mind when we begin a new design job.

We have a very clear picture of what it’s going look like when we get done and reverse engineer the process in order to create the space plans, elevations, finishes, and have an idea of all the products needed to make that vision a reality.

HINT: This is also the trick to deciding how many meetings do you want to give your clients to make all the decisions they need to complete this project!

So what I’m talking about is when I say “start with the end in mind” is to take this natural process a step further and look at what you want out of this job for you and your business.

For example, how much time do you need to …

  • Create the drawings and the elevations?
  • Do the research and the pricing for all the pieces between each meeting?

Because once you’ve decided on these important steps, you can figure out how much time it’s going to take you to do it and easily figure out how much income a project will create.

If you have the total hours you’re going to spend on a project, you then multiply it by your internal hourly rate to come up with a fee that makes sense in terms of what you’re creating!

And if there’s product involved, you’ll want to take a look at the budget too and figure out how much of that would be yours as well.

When you’ve predicted this ahead of time and set it up to match your end goal, you’re going to end up with more time and well paid for your design genius.

We have a lot of interior design business management tools and strategies in IDBA Coaching, that can help you develop your business at a much faster pace than you could on your own.

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Making the decision to change your path, both professionally and personally, will forever make your dreams that used to seem so far out of reach start materializing in your life at an incredible rate.

Until we talk – design something beautiful and get paid what you are worth!

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