Success Secrets of
High-Income Designers

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" I feel very inspired every time I listen to Terri Taylor. Her presentations are always filled with great ideas and the actions we need to take now to get the best results to succeed in our design business. Thanks Terri! "

- Cecilia Pacheco, Interior Designer


Get Ready to Move Up-Market

The path to moving up-market is filled with potential pitfalls or wrong turns that can lead to spending way too much time on projects with little income to show for it. Let’s help you avoid those mistakes.

During this free masterclass, Terri will show you:

  • How pitching yourself as “inexpensive” to get a design job doesn’t ever lead to bigger or more profitable work.
  • How your heart-based enthusiasm to jump into designing the project before you have a clear scope of work and budget agreement always leads to frustration and do-overs.
  • How not being clear and defining how the job will be done in the beginning leads to clients taking over and you feeling like a ‘puppet on a string’ who’s constantly putting out fires.
  • How not being clear and committed about who your best-fit up-market client really is can lead to confusing and inconsistent marketing, which results in missed opportunities.


Quit the Hustle for Bigger Opportunities

Many designers get buried in small jobs that don’t pay well yet take over their calendar. It’s time to be strategic about growing your company and working less to earn more.

During this free masterclass, Terri will show you:

  • The ‘tipping point’ where your design jobs become profitable, so you can identify the jobs you want and say NO to the rest.
  • How setting boundaries in your jobs leads to more profit, more free time, and lots more happiness for you and your client.
  • How to feel good about saying NO to a client that’s not the right fit.
  • How paying more attention to your numbers (AKA bookkeeping) can actually boost your business income and profit margins.


Present Your True Value as a Designer

Your value as a designer is way more than function and beauty. Clients paying big design fees need to feel your appreciation of their needs, your vision, your confidence, and your enthusiasm for their project.

During this free masterclass, Terri will show you:

  • How to establish value by discovering the main issue or pain point your client is experiencing and showing the beauty of your solution.
  • How to be a good steward of the budget, be known for your access to the best contractors and artisans, and prevent expensive mistakes.
  • How to present your vision to the client and demonstrate how your design will support family connection, learning, health, wealth, confidence, and/or their own self-expression.

" First, thank you, Terri. I’ve attended several online courses with other “professional” presenters, and you made it easy to listen to your message and relate–the sincerity came through. Best by far. I’ll be signing up for more from IDBA! "

- Sherylene Rohde, Design Consultant

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