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I’ll share that with you in just a second, but first… thank you! My cupeth (and email) runneth over with the moving, passionate, and thoughtful sharing of the dreams and bigger whys for becoming an interior designer.

Working with great clients, enjoying plump bank accounts, becoming the breadwinner of your life… each reason was unique and filled with heart.

Thank you for also taking the overdue self-reflection by watching the first video and reconnecting with your vision for being a designer.

So, back to the question… what do ALL successful designers have in common?


No, they don’t share the same route in life nor do they take their cars to the same mechanic.

What I’m talking about is that they’ve aligned their passions, dreams, and bigger whys with their thoughts and actions in life.

You’ve done the first step of identifying your dream, so now it’s your turn to get your life aligned by watching Part II of the FREE Living The Life Your Love training series HERE <<<

It’s about 40-minute long and dives into what aligning looks like in your life –

  • Thoughts and actions
  • Relationships (both with people and money)
  • Environment
  • Attitudes and beliefs

Some have said to me, “Well, other designers are successful because they have country club memberships and haven’t had to struggle as much as me – so how can this possibly work for me?

And my response is always this… if you’ve got a vision, then there’s a way for you to live it, otherwise it’d never come to you in the first place!

I’ve seen designers who were struggling use what I share with you in this video to rebuild their business, get their nights and weekends back, and have so much incoming business that they actually turn down jobs!

Because once you get how to align your life, you’ll REALLY get it! No one can take it away from you and your life will change in ways you only used to imagine.

How can you experience that too? Watch the video and find out for yourself.

P.S. I’ll release the 3rd and final video in just a few days! This is the big-kahuna video, where I’ll show you exactly HOW to put it all together and you’ll want to watch it RIGHT AWAY! There’s also going to be a special offer for you and you need to watch it if you’re ready to transform your life to the next level!


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