Tap into Your Heart Fire and Open the Door to Abundance

in Scottsdale November 8th – 11th

Life Changing Concepts. Endless Aha Moments.
And A Community of Designers You’ll Love.

Design Biz Summit is for heart-centered, high-functioning. and self-aware interior designers.

Summit: Are You Ready?

Join us for a weekend of transformation, learning, and celebration at 2019 Summit with a unique group of 100 amazing interior designers. This is the ultimate event for professional interior designers to tap into your creative power and break through the internal barriers that are stopping you from multiplying your income, increasing your professional confidence, and finally ending your struggles so you can live the life that you love.

What Summit Includes:

Summit is a unique event that brings together designers from across the world in order to:

  • Tap into your creative power to transform your business and life
  • Connect with other high-functioning and self-aware creatives in the profession
  • Uplevel your wealth consciousness and embody luxury at the world-class Scottsdale resort
  • Get out of your own way and start playing a bigger game in the universe of design
  • Increase your professional confidence fueled by the proven psychology of success

And not only will you get the mindset, systems, networking, and mini-vacation you’ve wanted all year BUT you’ll also get a huge chunk of your IDCEC credits too.

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Get your seat to the only professional interior design event focused on cultivating your highest creative potential. Learn strategies and solutions to ensure you’re equipped and inspired to leave overwhelm behind and step into the unlimited abundance and prosperity available in life and business.

A Message To You From
Terri Taylor, ASID, IDS, NCIDQ

It’s time to celebrate and explore your creativity!

You have the ability to hold a vision of a space, totally believe it’s possible, follow your design process, and make your vision a reality.

The secret I want to share with you is that you can also create a multi 6-figure business that gives you the income and freedom you deserve using a very similar process.

To have the mindset shift from space to business, all you need to learn is how to get out of your own way, and that’s what we’re going to do together at Summit.

I’m going to share with you the exact process I used to create my multimillion dollar interior design business and that other designers have used in creating theirs too!

Confidence is the precursor to success in business, and confidence comes from a positive mindset. Without it, you’ll continue to sabotage your success – in business and life.

Interior designers from all over the globe come to Summit in order to live the Summit experience… walking in one person and leaving totally transformed.

If mindset, community, awareness, and transformation speak to you – follow your instinct in getting your ticket TODAY and join me at Summit!

Because if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I want that for you too and I’m here to help make it your reality.

So that’s what Design Biz Summit is all about.

Together we’re going to bring clarity of fine-tuned business strategies and mindset, and mix it with a supportive, encouraging,
and authentic group of designers to accomplish your ultimate greatness.
The greatest changes, the greatest shifts, and the greatest friendships happen when we’re together at Summit.
On this page, you’re going to find information on Summit and you can join the list to get your ticket below.
Summit is like no other – it’s about community, connection, and I hope you’ll join me and this group of heart-centered designers for a weekend of lasting transformation.

What Designers Say About Summit

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Happiness Guarantee

This is the best professional interior design event for breaking through your glass ceilings: up leveling into bigger projects, getting published, becoming known as ‘THE’ designer in your community, and having time for both work and family.    

The strategies shared are based in practical design business systems and powerful positive mindset to ensure you’re equipped and inspired to leave overwhelm behind and step into real abundance in your life and business!   

I’m 100 % confident that Design Biz Summit 2018 is the most targeted, complete, fun and useful professional development event you’ll attend for your interior design career.     

As an attendee, if you feel I didn’t deliver on the information promised after the first day, just quietly turn in your materials to my event manager and ask for a 100% refund.

We’ll happily oblige.

2019 Agenda

Pre-Event VIP, Friday, Nov 8th

– VIP Experience Workshop: Latest industry business trends you need to know, special one-off coaching, group Q&As, and extra attention from Terri.

Please Note: You’ll have a chance to reserve your spot for the VIP Experience after you’ve got your Summit ticket.

– Pre-Registration & Mingler/Networking/Dance Party Summit Kick-off

Day 1, Saturday, Nov 9th : Creating Your Vision

– Using your creativity to stretch your vision of what’s possible

– Gaining clarity of intention (and stop wondering what YOU really want)

– Acquiring the tools for commanding abundance in your life and business

– Discovering your bigger ‘why’ and how to apply it in your world

– Identifying the disguised opportunities that exist all around you

– Learning the formula for instantly manifesting what you want

– Understanding how generously giving to others tells the universe you’re ready to receive

– Dusting off your old dreams and thinking in a new, bigger way

– Discovering what’s possible for you and the lifestyle you want today

– Understanding the scientific proof how the natural laws of the universe support you to make your dreams a reality

-Revealing how to use your creative ability to fuel your transformation

Day 2, Sunday, Nov 10th : Cleaning and Clearing

–  Identifying why what you want hasn’t happened…yet

– Removing the internal roadblocks that are sabotaging your success

– Making the connection of mindset and reality

– Embodying how you’re easily capable of greatness, right now

– Upgrading your self-image and the truth about yourself

– Eliminating competition and comparison fears from your life

– Discovering your worth in the value that you provide to your clients instead of the dollars for hours you work

– Discovering your hidden and limiting family money beliefs and moving beyond it

– Understanding the impact that your inner circle relationships have on your income

– Learning the mindset and actions needed to successfully present high-value design fees

– Identifying how early childhood messages affect your confidence

Day 3, Monday, Nov 11th : Action With Faith

– Identifying your own resistance and moving through to the success you want

– Learning how to recognize procrastination and perfectionism and throwing it out of your way

– Taking inspired action towards your vision, even if you can’t see the path to get there

– Understanding the thing winners do differently that you can do – immediately

– Turning misfortunes into positivity for your life

– Upgrading your lifestyle without draining your bank account

– Filling your life with meaning by embracing your greater purpose

– Turning on the faucet of abundance so money starts flowing effortlessly to you


When is Summit and What is the Schedule Like?

The 2018 Design Biz Summit is Thursday, November 8th – Sunday, November 11th at the Fairmont Princess Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There is a pre-event workshop for VIPs at 12:00 pm on Friday, November 8th, with a private networking event right after.

Please plan on arriving by mid-afternoon to be at the Pre-Registration & Mingler/Networking/Dance Summit Kick-off Party at 5:30 pm. (open to all)

What's included in my Summit Ticket?

Your ticket includes three transformational days with Terri Taylor and the IDBA Coaches, your Summit workbook and handouts, Q&A Time, healthy and delicious lunches, networking with interior designers from all around the world and in all kinds of markets, CEUs, and more.

What's NOT included in my Summit Ticket?

Flights, hotel accommodation, VIP Experience, and meals (other than event lunches) are not included in the ticket price. After purchasing your event ticket, you will receive information on how to book your hotel room at a special discounted rate.

What else should I know about Summit?

There are only 100 seats available and many are already filled with current coaching members, so you don’t want to wait if you’re serious about joining us at Summit.

You should also know that the VIP Experience isn’t just a goodie bag of swag, it’s where you get up close and personal with Terri. And although you’ll make connections with other designers at Summit, VIP Experience is where the deep, meaningful connection with designers who are knocking it out of the park are open to sharing, brainstorming, and helping you discover how to do the same for your business.


With only 100 seats, you need to register NOW because this Summit WILL SELL OUT. Act before the Law of Diminishing Intent kicks in… when life happens, you get busy, the status quo takes over and nothing really ever changes for you!

Because let’s get real here… if you don’t register now… it’s probably not going to happen and that will cause you to have some big regrets sooner than later.

We’d love to see you at Summit and help you discover the richness and prosperity waiting for you.

Join the list now and you’ll be the first to know about 2019 Summit.