The Real Deal 2024

2-Day Virtual Event

May 9-10, 2024

It’s time to Own that Remodeling Job
and Get Paid What You Are Worth

Take on remodeling jobs and be paid 3X, 5X, or even 10X more
than you’re making now.
Through a powerful 2-Day Virtual Event, packed with training and a proven system to create more profit and ease in your interior design business.

When you’re a talented interior designer who delivers beautiful spaces...

It can feel soul-crushing when the incredible remodeling project you’ve put your best ideas into ends up being a total time and money drain.


You undercharge and overdeliver your design services because you believe that’s the best way to land the job and get more business from that client. (Turns out NOT to be true.)

You decide that being fee-based would be better so you use the contractor’s construction bid to calculate your fee. Now that you’re into the job, you discover the real budget – with all the finishes and design tricks the client wants – is actually double. (Which means you left a lot of money on the table.)

The contractor tells your client he can provide them with any construction products they want at contractor's cost. (Not exactly true, but now for sure you won’t be making a profit on this job.)

You feel like a puppet on a string. You’re constantly interrupted to answer construction questions and put out fires, resulting in using up your time (unpaid) and not getting what you planned done (And then there’s paperwork till 10PM.)

Your clients have unrealistic expectations about what goes into a design job, thanks to HGTV. (They think they can completely remodel an entire house for only $60K and finish in 6 weeks…)

Your clients want their newly remodeled space to be furnished and  magazine-photo ready, but you never get to do this because the furnishings budget gets swallowed by construction cost overruns.


All of the frustration and financial scarcity is avoidable if you
understand how to set up a profitable remodeling job right from the start.

What if you could turn remodels into a positive
and profitable experience that looks like:

A substantial design fee based on the true budget of the project

Providing and selling as much of the construction materials as you want

Being paid for all the construction support time you need to complete the job

Having a strong, confident mindset, backed up with a clear, easy-to-explain system that creates a win-win outcome for both you and your client.

Let me show you my
proven system...

To serve your clients better, create bigger profits for yourself, and set business-like boundaries around your time and availability.

Because there are literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of remodeling projects going on today…  (People are more focused on their homes than ever before.) And there are hundreds of thousands of dollars changing hands in these projects. I believe more of that income should land on the side of the designer!

You are the heart and soul of a remodel

Your role as the design professional is to command the stage and make the magic happen.


Principal Designer

I feel like you gave me permission to ask for what I want and the tools to ask confidently. Joy is the new feeling I associate with my business instead of the dread that comes without having a clear process. Now, I just follow your steps!

Join me for The Real Deal 2-Day Virtual Event

The industry’s premier online event for serious interior designers who want to bring consistent high-profit remodeling jobs into their business

Over the past 30+ years, I’ve developed a powerful system that’s helped hundreds of interior designers build successful, heart-centered businesses and get paid what they’re worth.  

If you’re reading this… it’s time for you to have that too.

Because you deserve to be appreciated for your talents – and for your business to expand into its true potential. 


 Design Consultant

You threw me a lifesaver with your great Real Deal program and the support from all the participants! After taking a couple of hits in my business several years ago, I knew I needed to modernize and better protect my income. I signed up for every available CEU, hired a design coach, took away ideas, but gained no actionable tools for change. Three days with you was just what I needed! If I hang tough and adopt your systems, all will be well!

The Real Deal isn’t just about telling you to charge more

It’s about creating a win-win for both you AND your client. 

Because when you position yourself properly and use my Exploratory Agreement System to develop your remodeling job concept, finish levels, and budget.

Your client will be happy AND that same job will produce 3X, 5X, or even 10X more money in your pocket.

At the REAL DEAL I am going to show you how to:


am going to show

you how to:

At the REAL DEAL I am going to

show you how to:

  • Shift your system. Flip the design process upside down and offer to design for your client just enough to get real construction and finish numbers so they understand costs and can make informed decisions about how to spend their money. Now you have a REAL scope of work and budget.
  • Shift your fees. You win by getting to base your design fee on a REAL REMODELING BUDGET, ensuring you’re well paid for doing ALL the work it takes to complete a beautiful camera-ready design. This design fee amount is WAY MORE than you think.
  • Shift your job profits. Create a much bigger payday for you by purchasing the finish materials and products needed for the remodeling job and let the contractor complete the labor portion.
  • Shift your offer. Always include your interior design AND furnishings in every project, because you’ve included it in the budgeting process. Clients actually do want it all.
  • Shift your efficiency. Get in control of your time by telling your client how many design meetings you’ll provide and what decisions will need to be made at which meeting.
  • Shift your mindset. Position yourself as the trusted consultant who’ll help the client successfully navigate the unknown in a remodeling project. No sleazy selling allowed here.
  • Shift your time. Stop the RESCUING! No more staying up late to do paperwork because you’re running on emergency hours, dashing out to help every time the contractor has a question. Good boundaries and scheduled visits take care of this nicely.

In just 2 days, you’ll learn a repeatable process that’ll take you from remodels that don’t make you any money and suck up all your time, to actually being fun, exciting, and lucrative.


Understand what an Exploratory Offer for a remodeling job is and  why your client will be thrilled that you’re doing this for them (and the many, many ways you will benefit.)

Eliminate costly redo and redesign time surprises by always having client budget agreement on a remodel BEFORE committing to the job and starting to design.

Clearly and confidently ask for what you want, including big dollar remodeling jobs and the higher fees that go with them.

Confidently present your proven remodeling design system with good boundaries in place that informs the client exactly how the design process and remodel will flow.

Put a strategy in place so you always get to complete the interior design/furnishings part of the remodeling job and never lose it to construction overruns!

Mark your calendar for 2 full days of training

Your Real Deal


Day One – Envision

During the Day One sessions, you’ll learn:
  • How to stop playing small and step into taking up more space and increasing your influence in a remodeling job.
  • Discover how to create strong client relationships by offering to explore with them exactly what the improvements they want cost… so they look to you as the natural leader of the project.
  • Learn the strategy to put in place for gathering information, getting agreement on scope and budget and confidently calling out your (way bigger) design fee.

Day Two - Implement

During the Day Two sessions, you’ll learn: 
  • Overcome the fear and doubt that sets in when taking on much larger new jobs, so you step into your role as a designer-in-charge.
  • Learn how to write a letter of agreement with the proper boundaries, limits and deliverables that your clients and contractors respect, and that protects your precious time.
  • Learn the strategy to put in place so you always get to complete the interior design furnishings part of the remodeling job and never lose it to construction overruns. 



Terri’s Project Time Estimating System

Straight out of her award-winning design studio (tried and tested for years). You can use this to accurately figure out the amount of hours and design fee needed to complete a job – every time. (Value $3,497)

Terri's powerful LIVE Pre-Event Workshop

Stepping Into Your Luxury Mindset will lead you into looking at your old and likely outdated money stories and beliefs that get in the way of confidently charging those big design fees.  You will discover how developing and practicing an Abundance Mindset that energetically matches your ideal clients will completely shift your approach to selling luxury design services. This is a “don’t miss it” experience! (Value $1897)

May 9-10, 2024

In Just Two Days...

... you’ll learn key strategies and tools that have helped IDBA-trained design professionals create beautiful spaces and amazing profits from remodeling jobs for years.


Interior Designer

Ends up last year was my most profitable year to date 😉. . . Fewer jobs, higher design fee income and better product revenues. So much more fun to do fewer projects for more reward!

The Real Deal

A 2-Day Virtual Event
May 9-10, 2024
Only available until Midnight Monday, May 6, 2024

Registration for The Real Deal 2024 is now closed

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General Admission

Two amazing days full of love and support and the tips and the strategies to transform your interior design business to one that gets you the lifestyle that you want, the clients that you desire, and the ability to create massive income from your remodeling job.

Pay Only $697

Enhanced Access

Everything with General Admission

Access to the complete audio and video recording of the entire 2-day virtual experience. These downloadable recordings will be available for 14-days after the event so I can refer back to the content in case I missed anything.

Pay Only $997

Beverly B.

Interior Designer

Thank you, Terri!  The Real Deal was an amazing event!  I was especially blown away by the practical workshops on the last afternoon. This is the way I’ve always wanted to be as a designer. It reminds me of the corporate world as opposed to being made to feel like a ‘frivolous pillow-fluffer’.  Having that level of repeatable skill makes you the trusted consultant and strategic partner to both the client and the trades.

What you don’t


Meet Your Host

I’d been a successful designer for many years when the economy crashed into my world in 2010. My design studio with 10 employees was happily producing Model Homes for most of the national home builders in Southern Arizona.  In just one month, all my subdivisions shut down and there were ZERO contracts to go after. Home building just stopped.

I had to pivot and do it quickly!

I decided that remodeling would be the way to go because if people can’t sell their houses, they would still want to change things. I already had an AZ contracting license and remodeling would potentially give me the big dollar contracts I needed to keep my studio going. 

Focusing on marketing my remodeling abilities brought me potential clients and I managed to step into a new income stream. (Gratitude)

What I discovered was that remodeling was hugely creative and fun when I took the time and care to develop a true budget and scope of work before writing the Letter of Agreement.  What I also discovered was that I actually didn’t need the contracting license… I realized my studio could be highly profitable by selling all the finishes, materials, and product, and leaving the labor side to the contractors.

You can do this too!

Until now, the system I teach has only been available to my IDBA Growth, Structure, and Masters Program students.

I believe this knowledge is so valuable and empowering, it needs to be shared with all designers in our industry.

The wisdom I learned from my days of wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots is exactly what I’m sharing with you at The Real Deal, so you can bypass the 10 years of struggle and start OWNING remodeling jobs now.

Have questions? Get some answers here!

We want you to have all the information you need to join us for this incredible 2-day event that will revolutionize your design business. 

We’ve answered the most common questions below, but if there’s something else you need to know, please email our team at and we’ll get back to you.

When is The Real Deal virtual event?

The Real Deal is happening

Thursday, May 9th and Friday, May 10th: 11:00 AM EST – 7:00 PM EST. 

All sessions will be held virtually, so make sure you turn off any and all distractions, come prepared to participate in the breakouts and take tons of notes.

Who is the event for?

This event is for design professionals who want to reimagine their business by adding remodels as an additional and highly profitable income stream.

If you’re a designer who’s motivated to make big changes in your business, and ready to move outside your comfort zone to create meaningful success and more freedom in your personal life – this event is perfect for you. 

In just 2 days, we’re going to show you how to focus on attracting high-end clients, bigger budgets, and profitable remodels to bring in the income you deserve.

Do I really need to be online for 2 whole days?

We know your time is valuable and that’s why we’ve designed this event to give you exactly what you need in a very streamlined, efficient way. 

To get the most out of this event, you do need to attend both days. Think about the time you’re spending on this now as a GIFT to your future self. The future self who’s created a profitable design business you absolutely love!

If you can’t be there for the whole 2 days, we would encourage you to add Enhanced Access to your ticket so you can watch the recordings for 14 days after the event.

will i get to meet the other attendees? 


Over these 2 days, you’ll have several opportunities to connect with other designers who speak the same ‘design language’, ask the same questions, and struggle with the same doubts as you. 

So if you feel like you’re always alone, with no one to talk to who understands what you’re going through, often in competition with other design professionals in your area, this is your escape from all that. 

This event is a fantastic way to be part of a strong community that’s positively focused, all moving up in the design world and happy to share their path… It will lift you up!

Join us and safely share your experiences, connect with others, and build friendships that last.

Will I be able to watch a recording of the virtual sessions?

To get the most out of The Real Deal, attending live is far more effective and valuable. 

However, if you buy an Enhanced Access ticket, you can watch, listen, and review the recordings for 14 days once the event has ended. (General Access tickets do not come with recordings.)

We want to keep this event as intimate as possible, so we’re limiting attendance to only 100 spots. Many of these spots will be taken by our current IDBA students, so be sure to grab a spot before they fill up!

What if I buy a ticket and can’t make it to the live event, do you offer refunds?

If you find that you are unable to attend the event, please notify us in writing before April 15, 2024 to be eligible for a complete refund. After April 15, a credit will be applied toward any future event, program, or product for up to one full year from the original event date.

 I’m not sure about virtual events – will I just be sitting in a chair all day? 

Definitely not! 

This virtual event incorporates a lot of movement, because moving in different ways allows your brain to work in different ways – and that’s when knowledge seeps in. 

Each day of this event, you’ll get to experience special movement (or dance) sessions to help express and bring to fruition everything you’re learning.

Besides, who wants to sit in a chair all day?! 

Geetha V.

Interior Designer

Wow!  Terri, thank you so much for The Real Deal event. For me it was an overall wonderful experience – the whole enchilada!  Every time I have heard you (even in-person) you have shared your wisdom and knowledge with us and this was no different. This…Event kept me attentive and was well-balanced with your valuable education, the breakout rooms, the chats and of course Kristen's dance movements – all of it.

The Real Deal

A 2-Day Virtual Event

May 9-10, 2024

Imagine if all that doubt and frustration just went away...

Imagine if you could relax in the confidence of a system that gives you the specific steps to OWN remodeling projects and create a win-win scenario for you and your client… 

Imagine if you could confidently quote your client what the job is REALLY worth and earn 3X, 5X, or even 10X what you currently make on remodels…

Imagine if you were so sure of yourself when you handed over that fee agreement that it was as easy as saying, “pass the salt”.

You won’t have to imagine it for much longer.

That could be your reality after implementing what you learn at The Real Deal!

Casey B.

Interior Designer

I can’t believe this is my business now. I work so much less and am not stressed out over every second of my day being efficient due to the headache of documenting each hour so I can be sure to be paid. I’ve signed 4 new contracts in the past month, including a fee of $20K for new construction, and today a kitchen remodel for $14,500. Many thanks for all of your great guidance, insight and big brain.

The Real Deal

A 2-Day Virtual Event

May 9-10, 2024

The Real Deal is where clarity, strategy, and mindset shifts combine to turn your passion for design into profit.

I know it’s easy to say “maybe next time” or “I’ll figure this out on my own” and think that you’ll be okay. But what happens when you realize a year from now, you’re still in the exact place you are today?

Continuing to undercharge for your services, being pushed aside by contractors on remodeling jobs, and feeling like you’re doing so much work with next to nothing to show for it. As a designer, you’re the heart and soul of these jobs. 

Isn’t it time you get paid like it?

You don’t have to spend years going through the struggles and stresses of trying to figure this out on your own. I’ve already done that for you. And now I’m sharing my proven step-by-step approach to help you step up and OWN remodeling jobs like the design professional you truly are. 

If you’re ready to step into this new way of doing business, it’s time to join us at The Real Deal.

Let these designer transformations inspire you to action

The Real Deal

A 2-Day Virtual Event

May 9-10, 2024