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The System For Adding an Extra 100k in 2017!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you added six figures to your business next year?

Let’s go with this thought and try this coaching exercise:

  • Write down your current business income
  • Add $100,000 to that number
  • Now sit back, look at that number, and ask yourself 2 questions:

What does that extra income mean to me?
What would I do with that extra income?

Your answers may range between – taking an amazing vacation, to doing something very special for your family, treating yourself to a new luxury car, remodeling your own kitchen, paying off some bills, or helping someone who really needs it.

Adding six figures to your business means you can have the lifestyle and business you want… all the while helping your clients to live better lives!

So how do you do it?

It’s NOT about working harder and harder, for longer and longer hours (you have already been down that path and you know that you’re burned-out), instead it’s about understanding and holding the mindset that opens you to the abundance that is already there for you.

In a very simple fashion, here is the system –

The first step to manifesting the lifestyle and business that you want is to get crystal clear about what you want. The universe can’t respond to fuzziness, so clarity around what you desire sends a strong energetic message.

Next you need to clear out the” junk” that has cluttered your thinking. You know what I mean… the “I’m not good enough yet”, the “who am I to want that much” self-talk, the endless comparisons to others, and the fear of criticism… to name just a few of the old limiting beliefs that get in your way of adding 6-figures to your income.

The third step is to take action! Taking a step towards your goals brings you that much closer to your ultimate desires. You probably won’t be able to see the entire path that you need to take to reach your goal. Actually, the first step is enough, because once you take the first step… the second will show up, and then the third. Sometimes this is process is expressed as, “drive the car and the road will show up.” 🙂

Last but certainly not least, you must have faith that what you’re waiting for is on its way and it’s just a matter of time before it shows up. A big piece of staying in faith is checking in and paying attention to how you feel. Keeping strong positive emotional charge, regardless of what comes your way, is key to fueling the manifestation of your dreams.

This is a highly simplified but quite true summary of how to manifest anything that you want, an extra six figures in your business, a celebrity client, a job with a $300K furniture budget, whatever it is that you want, this IS THE SYSTEM of how it works!

This process of manifesting what you desire, with an emphasis on creating more time and money in your life is what I will be teaching a small group of open minded, ambitious, motivated and inspired designers at the 2016 Design Biz Summit at the luxurious Arrebelle Resort Hotel in Vail, CO this October 28,29 and 30.

If this speaks to you… if you are one of those special designers ready to step into your destiny and add six figures to your business, join me and visit https://interiordesignbusinessacademy.com/2016-summit.

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