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Tips For Avoiding Travel Nightmares This Summer

Summer is a great time for traveling (especially if you live in Arizona) and it seems all too common to feel surrounded by a cloud of tension and chaos, with hordes of edgy, fearful people who seem to be waiting for something negative to happen when flying these days.

It’s no surprise considering the nightmarish travel stories shared in the news and on social media on a weekly basis.

But beware to not fall into the prevailing fear energy, you know the fight, flight, freeze state of mind that can really put a damper on your day and start your trip off on a bad note.

But how do you stay out of that negative place in the midst of such chaos?

First, become aware.

Don’t wander off into your head, thinking about what that grumpy client said last week and what you should have said in return.

Instead stay in the present moment, calmly observe what is going on around you (the soft music playing overhead, the light shining through the window, ect.) and mentally set your intention for your travel adventure (on time flights, smooth landings, sandy beaches, smiling faces welcoming you at your destination) … you get the idea.

Next, breathe!

This may sound silly but breathing is a very important part of being in the moment.

We subconsciously hold our breath when we become uncomfortable, anxious or nervous and it’s a sign of the fight, flight, freeze pattern that doesn’t serve you (or anyone else) well.

So, if you feel yourself tensing up or gearing up to lose it on someone, stop what you’re doing and immediately take a deep breath in through your nose to the count of 5, hold it for 3 seconds, and then let out a deep exhale out of your mouth.

The relaxation response of this style of breathing is scientifically proven to help manage your stress and anxiety levels, and even increase your brain size (google it).

Breathing deeply and evenly will also help keep kids, parents, frazzled customer service rep and others calm as well.

Try it out: stand next to someone you know well, touch them gently and take a deep, long, slow breath and most likely they will echo your deep breath and stay calm.

And finally, stay in control and respond positively

When you are speaking with fellow passengers, airport employees, taxi drivers, etc., make an effort to respond pleasantly and positively.

They may already be stressed by the general vibe or have been dealing with some edgy, demanding and unhappy people already.

You have the power to shift the energy by sharing a smile, a compliment, your general positivity with them.

A friend of mine will go as far as bring Ben’s Bells Kindness Coins with her when she travels and give them to anyone who helps her or is nice.

It reminds her of the kindness all around while reminding the recipient that their kindness is recognized in unexpected ways.

There are more of us conscious beings out there than we might imagine and our influence is greater than we think. By staying aware of your feelings and thoughts, you can control how you respond to situations – in life and business.

Everyone’s energy counts and positive change starts with just one person making a difference with a positive mindset… that includes you!

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