Trying Something New

I had an early ride with my horses Desi and Mariah this morning and it was glorious.

No, I don’t ride them both at the same time… I rode Mariah and Desi followed behind (or “ponies” as it is called in horse talk!) I don’t ride Desi much anymore, he’s 26 years old and deserves to take it easy with his exercise routine … yet I still love my time with him.

I’ve got an idea I want to share with you. I’m doing something I’ve never done before, because it’s always good to stretch and explore new ground … plus, I just want to do it!

You see, one of the important and very successful strategies that I teach designers in my coaching groups is to offer PAID FIRST WORKING APPOINTMENTS. Now it does take some courage and self-confidence to make this kind offer and name your price, but it’s worth it. The payoff is big and the results are amazing.

Here’s why…

First, it helps qualify the client. Someone who won’t pay you a basic fee of $400 – $1500 for a working appointment isn’t going to hire you for anything else. This helps you immediately eliminate those disappointing and time wasting first and second appointments with people looking for free information.

Second, sometimes you can actually solve the client’s problem in one working appointment! You’re well paid for your time and have a very happy client who most likely will invite you back again. Yay!

And the third great thing that comes out of a paid first appointment is discovering if it is a good design job or not, whether you and the client hit it off or not, and hopefully you’ll make an offer and get hired to complete the rest of the project!

This is a win-win strategy!

Now back to my something different…

I’ve decided to “model” the paid first appointment strategy for you by offering you a 2-hour working meeting with me for only 2 payments of $597.

Now, I’ve never done this before. As you know, I don’t work hourly on my design business nor on my coaching business, and the first year coaching programs I offer start at $9,500, so this is a very affordable and rare chance I’m giving you to get one-on-one coaching and mentoring time with me!

This is how it works:

Once you invest in your appointment, you’ll receive an assessment form that asks about your experience and your design business. This helps me learn more about you and your goals. It also helps get right to the heart of what you need help with, so we don’t waste any of our precious time together.

Here’s the catch – the first assessments received back by my staff will be the first appointments booked. I also don’t know what the response to this offer will be, you may be able to book your appointment in the next 2 weeks or it might be 3 months.

But the sooner you make the investment, the sooner you’ll start seeing the success you want in your business.
So what can we accomplish in two hours?

We can figure out where the money leaks are in your business and create a strategy to stop them (this alone often results in about a 20% increase in your income.)

Or we can together discover what your first working appointment offer and price should/could be. This has to feel right in your heart and in order to be successful. I’ll help you find that sweet spot where you are comfortable and profitable.

Or I can show how you how you can set up for your business some of those $1,500 or $2,000 paint consultations opportunities I’m often talking about – this is a game changer!

You can also tell me what you want to work on and I’ll help you get there!

Jump on board with my “Working First Appointment Offer” and we’ll be talking soon 🙂

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