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I want to talk to you today about something that happened this week in our coaching group. I want to share some insights as it relates to knowing what you’re worth.


Knowing what we’re worth is a big challenge for designers. As we struggle to start our business and get paid, we face the difficult challenge of pricing ourselves and dealing with the self-esteem that often accompanies that.

One of our designer students got a lead for an entire house remodel with furniture, the whole works. She confidently talked to her potential client about money and did our Project Time Estimating System to figure out her fee. This is one of our proprietary trainings that you can use to figure out a design fee for each task you do hour-by-hour.

She confidently presented her Letter of Agreement to the client; they were comfortable with it and told her they would get back to her. But as she waited for their reply, she started to panic and worried that she charged too much. Even though she did all the right things, self-doubt crept in, but she hung in there and stood her ground.

A week later, the deal was signed, and she collected a big, fat check! She was able to stay focused and break through the glass ceiling for bigger fees. Now, she knows what she is worth and can continue down the path to attract more high-paying jobs.

To hear the whole story and learn how you can do this for your business, click the video above to watch now.

I’m also excited to announce that my recent conversation with LuAnn Nigara is now available on her podcast, A Well-Designed Business®!  During our chat, I discuss the system I’ve created at Interior Design Business Academy that helps designers get paid what they are worth. I also cover the importance of mindset around wealth consciousness, how designers are often in their own way, and how to most past those limiting beliefs to have a profitable business.

To access the podcast as well as learn more about our upcoming Mastering Design Fees & Pricing – Summit 2020, click here to listen.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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