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Are You Getting Paid What You’re Worth?

After all my years in business, I’m well-known for getting designers paid what they’re worth. I spend quite a bit of my time helping other designers figure out what they should charge for jobs and helping them present those fees to their clients. More often than not, those fees are double, triple, or sometimes even ten times what the designer thought they could receive for doing that job.

But I will tell you every conversation begins with, “Oh, they aren’t going to pay me that much,” or “People in my city don’t pay that much,” or “My clients won’t pay that much, oh no!”

Now, why am I so confident about getting you paid far more than you think? It’s because I know that the root of the problem is not what is out there. It’s the designer’s mindset that’s preventing it from becoming reality. That’s the real problem.


Taking Responsibility for Your Financial Self

Solving the problem of not getting paid what you’re worth starts with taking total responsibility for your financial self and for where you’re at in your current situation.

Once that happens, everything can start to shift. It makes it possible for you to discover what those little pieces are that have been holding you back. When you uncover the reasons why you keep getting stuck in this situation, you can release them.

You keep what works for you, and release what is keeping you from experiencing more success, and then it’s over. Once you’ve reached that point, you’re open to all the abundance that the universe can provide. It’s truly remarkable. Abundance isn’t just about money. It’s also about creativity, love, and health. It’s all those things that make life juicy. It’s a big package – a really big package! And that’s what – Mastering Your Mindset – Design Biz Summit 2019 is all about.


Join a Community of Like-Minded Designers & Discover Life-Changing Concepts

Our upcoming annual summit is about getting together with other designers who understand who you are and what you struggle with. It gives you the opportunity to explore the things that may be getting you stuck and where you can’t seem to move.

When you have been struggling for years and trying to move into abundance, it is essential to release those blocks once and for all. That way they’re never a problem again, and you can step into everything the universe has to offer. It’s an amazing and transformational experience.

Our Design Biz Summit is three days in Scottsdale in November, at the Fairmont Princess Resort, a very luxurious hotel. We will be working on Wealth Consciousness, and I want you to be wrapped in luxury while you do it.

After all, we sell luxury. That is why people hire us, right?

They want to live better than they are now. Quite frankly, if you’re going to sell luxury, you need to feel it. You need to feel it viscerally, so you really know what it’s like.

That’s why I hold this summit at a fabulous hotel. It’s a great way to step into luxury, step into how it feels to be our client. And realize that you can bring that to them and feel incredible about it. You can be profitable with the work you do and have the life and business you love.

Check it out – I think you’re going to be amazed.


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