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One of the things I want to talk about today is how you can get in your own way. By working on the upcoming Summit, I ran into one of the mindset pieces of how we have an idea of what type of business we want, and then it doesn’t really pan out that way.



When you take a look at why that happens, it’s often because we’re focusing on what’s not there instead of what is there. And when you focus more on what’s not there, you get more of it. Saying that you only get cheap clients, you can’t make any money, or all your clients check pricing on the internet, you create mental and emotional blocks that prevent you from getting what you want.

When you voice what you don’t want, you give whatever that is more power. It’s simply the Law of Attraction, which means like attracts like. So, to attract the right people, you need to be that person, meaning having abundance in your life and expecting what you want to show up. The people you want to attract as clients don’t live in a scarcity mindset; they expect abundance. By having expectations, they are able to fulfill them.

You can do the same thing as a designer.

It’s all a matter of being aware of what you want, what you’re saying, and thinking of the things that get in the way. The whole idea of needing to work harder to be better isn’t the answer. Instead, you should switch your focus to what you want, start talking about it and start feeling like you deserve to have what you want.

Watch out for any negative thoughts that can get in your way. It’s an essential part of keeping your head in the right place so that you can allow all the goodness and abundance in the universe to come your way. Regardless of the pandemic or because things are a mess right now, there is still great stuff out there.

Here’s a great affirmation from one of my favorite coaches that I’d like to share with you:

I expect great results regardless of what I see in front of me. The universe is shifting to support me right now.

I say this over and over again when something doesn’t go the way I expect it to.

This actually worked for me once as I traveled home from a seminar and could have easily missed my connecting flight. Click the video above to find out what happened.

When you get into a negative place, you need to shift your thoughts in another direction and focus on what you really want to happen.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.


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