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Are You Stopping the Natural Flow of Abundance in Your Life?

Let’s talk today about the law of circulation. This is an important piece, especially as women, because it’s about giving and receiving. As women, we’re really good at giving, and not so good at receiving. This whole piece is an energetic flow, kind of like an infinity loop that has to move in and move out. I want to make sure you’re aware of exactly what this law is – the universal law of circulation says whatever you want cause another person to have it.



What Stops the Flow of Abundance?


There can’t be a giver without a receiver. So, whenever you receive a gift, know that you are helping yourself and the giver to complete the cycle. What this means is that when you give something to someone else, it’s going to come back to you from a different source. Now many women struggle with this a lot. We’re taught from the time we are very small to give, to take care of everybody else, and to keep people happy.



Do whatever you have to do to not rock the boat. Don’t ask for something that you want; wait until it comes to you. There are all these messages that come to us that work towards setting this up. So, it’s essential to take a look at what constitutes not receiving, so that you can identify it in your life. Then, you can let the abundance in.

This situation could appear as simply not accepting a compliment. Or, you’re not investing in yourself or your business, you’re cheap, or you don’t accept a gift. It could be not saying “yes” to an opportunity that came along, holding yourself back, or even not tipping. Or, you’re not getting the best for yourself, not honoring yourself. Sometimes it shows up as hoarding or taking more than you need.

All those things stop the flow of abundance coming into you. It’s crucial to pay attention to this. Figure out what you may be doing that is stopping that natural flow of abundance. I worked with someone a few years ago who struggled with this so much that she never billed clients for her time. People would send her money in the mail, sometimes thousands of dollars, because she would never send them a bill. We worked for quite a while to get this flow developed and get it moving back together.


Allowing Abundance in Your Life



As I worked with that client, she learned to receive. Everything opened up, and her life and business developed beautifully. So, if you want to find out what you’ve been withholding, and how you’re stopping abundance in your life, you might want to join us at the Design Biz Summit on November 9th – 11th because that’s one of the many topics we work on there.

It’s a place where you can discover what it is that you’ve been stuck on, release it, and get rid of it once and for all. Once you end the struggle, you can have the satisfaction of stepping into your freedom and having the life and wealth you deserve. There are only a few seats left at Summit. If you’d like to claim one, click on the information below. I’d be honored to have you there!


‘Til next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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