[Video] Bad Hires

Designers are all really busy. It’s a fabulous thing, and it’s finally our time to shine. People are focused on their homes and understand the importance of having a great interior and a functional, clean, and healthy environment. They are also beginning to realize what beauty does for human spirit.

But along with being very busy can often lead to overwhelm.

That is when you know that you need to hire some help…

And sometimes that can be really scary, but it needs to be done. You might be hesitating, waiting for a sign, like holding off until there’s enough work so that you are sure you can pay them.

Or you are waiting until you feel more confident about delegating.

All sorts of things can come up that could get in your way of hiring someone to help. But hiring someone is the fastest way to build your business, move up level, and expand into what you’re looking for.

You need to realize that as a $150 per hour designer, you need someone to do the $30-$40 per hour administrative tasks. You shouldn’t be doing those because that’s what is causing you overwhelm,

not the amount of design you’re doing. That is the fun stuff!

What really happens?

You get so much work in that tasks start to slip. You’re not meeting your deadlines. You’re staying up until the middle of the night trying to get things done. And it’s awful.

So, then you get into a panic, and you start posting on every job board. You tell all your friends and everybody that you’re looking for someone. You write a job description that explains you’re looking for someone who can do everything. Someone who knows it all and can step in and run things.

But then you quickly find out that a person with that much experience is way out of your budget.

And now, you’re really in trouble!

Then, the first person that comes along and seems reasonably intelligent, so you hire them.

And a few days later, you realize you’ve made a big mistake.

This new person is creating more work than what you had to start with. They’re not being helpful and are not able to just pick up things and run with them.

So, what do you do?

You can have a knee-jerk reaction, fire them, and start over again. Or, you can decide to help them because it’s better than having nobody at all.

But the problem still isn’t solved.

Watch the video above where I explain why taking this approach doesn’t work. The solution here is to hire someone before your back is against the wall. I also provide four essential tips about how to successfully hire help.

I want to ask you a question…

A year from now, would you be happy being in the same place as you are now?

If you would like help creating a rock start team and systems to run your business so you can reclaim your life, I encourage you to schedule a clarity call with one of our coaches. The call will give you an opportunity to learn where you are in your business, if an IDBA program would be a good fit for you, and what your next best business growth steps should be. This call is totally free, there is no obligation, and you will learn a lot! Check it out by clicking below.

Schedule your call now.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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