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[Video] Being in the Spotlight

I want to share with you something that came up when I was coaching our Masters group, which is comprised of highly successful designers that are close to the $1 million mark or have surpassed it. One of the things we’re constantly working on is “peeling the onion.” We’re always discovering something new that needs to be addressed and let go of so that we can expand into the greatest version of ourselves.

Something I teach in my coaching programs is the value of entering design awards. It generates publicity and creates the perception that you’re the best.

One of our design teams in Master group entered a beautiful remodeling project for an awards competition with their regional Homebuilders Association. It is a prestigious award that comes with a lot of publicity, press, and many connections to ideal referral partners.

Whooo Hooo!!! Much to their surprise – they won!

However, during the fancy awards banquet, they discovered that they were really uncomfortable and worried.

They thought it surely must have been a mistake. They believed that only those big, well-known design studios won those “big deal” awards, not them.

So, what is happening here?

Often, when experiences happen in our childhood, they turn into rules that we subconsciously apply to the rest of our lives.

As little girls, we are taught to be good wives and mothers by staying quiet, looking good, taking care of everyone else, and waiting for good things to come to us without asking for them. We’re also taught not to be too smart and not brag, or else the men in our lives could feel insecure.

All these old rules that we picked up early on end up running our business now.

Watch the video above where I explain why those designers couldn’t fully appreciate being in the spotlight.

We’re always “peeling the onion.” You can shift those rules to create new beliefs that support you instead of keeping you stuck in the background.

Being in the spotlight means creating celebrity and being known as the go-to designer in your community. That’s where you want to be, and it’s where the success lies.

If you’re hiding behind your computer, and you’re a great designer, you end up being the world’s best-kept secret. :-/

Sometimes it takes a little work to get through the old rules and beliefs that hold you back so that they don’t stand in your way. But it’s worth it.       

If you are serious about your design business, creating celebrity, finding great clients, and running very profitable jobs, then talk to us! I encourage you to schedule a free, no-obligation clarity call with one of our coaches. You will discover what your next move needs to be and if our Growth, Structure, or Masters programs are a good fit for you.

Who knows, we might see your work on the cover of Elle Décor!

Schedule your call now.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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