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Today, I am here to wish you love, peace, calm, and of course, good health as we transition our way through this unprecedented challenge that has been put upon us. I will be here for you. My business, Interior Design Business Academy, was designed to be a work from anywhere business so that I can work from home quite easily.



What I imagined was working on a beach in Greece, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible in the near future. But that’s all fine. My staff is entirely virtual; everybody’s home and secure. We’re all good, as I believe you are, and we will continue to support you in any way we can.

Transforming Disaster into Opportunity

Know that in the next few months, I’m going to be putting a lot of my focus, a lot of my research, as well as a lot of time and energy on how we need to continue to communicate with our clients during this time. We need to continue to be present and complete jobs by using technology. We will take steps to figure out how we’re going to get this done and observe our safety and the safety of our clients as well, and still keep our businesses going. So, watch for more of that coming up in the next few months.

There’s quite a bit I can share with you about using online services in a way that’s new. And know that in a disaster like this, there’s always a dichotomy, always a flip side. In the Chinese symbol for disaster, the other meaning for it is actually opportunity. So, know that this is a time to innovate, a time that we’re going to open up some new doors, and things are going to shift.



One of the things that I see shifting probably pretty quickly is the importance of home and how well home supports you and your family. That puts us front and center, and we just need to figure out how we’re going to get that job done because that’s our essential piece in this.

Now, I think the most important thing for you is to stay in positive energy. I know that’s a little hard right now because there’s a lot of fear flying around. It’s just palatable. But we do have the ability to back off from it and just observe the fear, not be in it, and just be aware that it’s there.

One thing you can do is to keep yourself away from the news. I think it’s crucial that you know what’s going on. You can do that in about 10 minutes a day. You know all the latest, everything that’s going on, and then shut it off. There is no reason in the world to know how many cases per hour are taking place. All that does is create fear, and there’s no usefulness for it at all. So, I encourage you to stay informed but stay out of being inundated with the news so that you can maintain a positive mind frame.

Another thing you can do is to try to stay in the now. Our friend, Rohm Das, said, “Be here now,” that’s his statement. And he’s absolutely right. If you’re here in the present, we’re all fine; we’re all good, we’re healthy, our children are good, and we’re in a good place. Let’s just stay here. And after this now, there’s another now, and there’s another now, and there’s another now.

So, what I’m suggesting is that you stop projecting what might happen and what could happen. You’re just building stories that have never happened and probably won’t happen. All that does is scare you, make you freeze, or instigates the fight or flight response. You don’t want to go there because you don’t make good decisions from that place. We want to stay calm, and we want to stay connected.

Practicing Gratitude



For me, in my practice, gratitude is the way I do it. My practice is to write five things that I’m grateful for every night before I go to sleep, and every morning before I get up. When I do that, my mind stays positive. I project positively, and I support my family well that way. I hope that you could use that strategy as well. Gratitude is an amazing thing. And I hope that you can use that piece to keep you in a good place as well.

Until I talk to you again, may you find enormous beauty in your life, and may you have an abundance of health.



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