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Why are so many people crazy busy right now? Our biggest job at IDBA is to help those people build teams and systems so that they can grow their business and still have a life. It’s a really cool place to be.

However, there’s another group of people who aren’t doing anything at all. I’ve heard about them through chat groups, which I don’t usually participate in. But there’s a lot of sadness because things aren’t going well for them. What’s really going on behind this is mindset.



When you believe in abundance, then you know the universe is going to provide everything you need. You know where the next client is coming from, how your team is going to come together, and all of it is going to work out the way it’s supposed to. It’s all set up this way. The universe wants us to grow into the highest and best version of ourselves. That’s what Universal Law is.

Those who believe in this maintain this state of mind by knowing that those things are going to come up. They also stay in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is what perpetuates positive abundance in their lives. When you’re in that state, you’re grateful for having great clients that are happy to pay you for your services. It’s a lovely relationship. And being in this state attracts even more abundance. Universal Law says that like attracts like; that’s how it works.

On the other side of this are those people who believe in scarcity. Scarcity is where you think there’s not enough to go around. I always think of this as being in a boardinghouse where you’re sitting down to dinner with twelve other people. A platter of food is sitting on the table, and there are only eight chicken breasts. You have to move fast, or you’re not going to eat!

This scarcity mindset often stems from how we are raised. The good thing is you can get past it. You need to realize that thinking that way creates more scarcity. Again, like attracts like. When people on this side of the fence complain about cheap clients or clients not having a budget, they need to be careful. If you go around saying those things, that’s the energy you’re putting out into the universe. And you’re going to attract more of the same situations.

Watch the video above, where I explain how your emotions directly impact your reality. You’ll learn why you should pay attention to your thoughts and what you say because of the power behind them. I share how you can create the life and business you want by clearly voicing what you want.

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Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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