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[Video] Imagination Power


Today I want to talk about imagination. It is how we create things. We use our imagination to create our design projects all the time. We focus on the outcome we want and then create it; it’s what designers do. When you imagine the outcome of a conversation, you’re more likely to get the desired endpoint. So, if you have a conversation with a client or contractor and imagine a positive outcome, it’s more likely to happen.



The same thing happens when you’re presenting to a client. Your positive idea of what should happen influences the way you talk and how you handle the presentation, which influences the outcome.

Recently, I helped one of our Interior Design Business Academy students who was worried about presenting an exploratory Letter of Agreement. This is a small agreement where you get into a job to figure out what the budget and the scope really are before jumping into the design and writing the big Letter of Agreement that covers everything.

In this instance, the budget developed in the exploratory agreement was considerably higher than what the client indicated they wanted to spend.

Of course, she was really worried about it.

Her concern was what to do if the client took too long to make a decision, didn’t respond to her at all, or how long before she should follow up with them.

And what she really had was a long series of negative ideas about what she thought was going to happen when she presented the agreement.

Watch the video above to find out what my response to her was. In the video, I also explain that the point of presentation is a point of all possibility, and anything can happen there.

But if you focus on negative thoughts, you’re more likely to get a negative outcome.

Those negative stories in your head block abundance from flowing into you and prevent it from happening. By watching, you’ll discover how to move past those negative thoughts, tap into divine feminine energy, and get the flow coming in to receive what’s really yours.

Then you can have the kind of jobs, business, and life you’ve always wanted.

Here at IDBA, we teach you the mechanics of exploratory offers and writing big Letters of Agreement while supporting it with a mindset of abundance and receiving in a significant way.

If you want to learn more about how we do this, sign up for a fun and free clarity call with one of our coaches. They can explain to you how this works, and you can see if shifting your mindset into abundance while having excellent design community support at the same time is something you want in your life.

Schedule your call now.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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