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[Video] In Your Own Way?



Today I want to expand on what I discussed in a recent post. It’s where you take a $250k remodeling job where you once made $15k and turn it into one that you make $65k instead. Same job. Same people. Same scenario. But you go a different way to get into the job, step in, and OWN it.



The first step to doing that is to shift your mindset. You have to believe it’s possible to manifest it. What I know is that mindset is 90% of your results. It’s extremely important to your success. So, when I say you can make $65k on a $250k remodeling job – what comes up for you?

For most designers, they think no one will ever pay them that much. They believe it won’t work where they live. They are under the assumption that people don’t have that kind of money. Or, they may even think they couldn’t take $65k out of a job because it’s too much. However, somebody will make that amount of profit or more out of that job, so why shouldn’t it be you?

There is a whole range of mindset things that need to shift before you learn the mechanical ways of how to make that level of profit. I always start with mindset for everything we do at Interior Design Business Academy. Once your mind is in the right place, then the step-by-step recipe for doing things becomes easy.

Watch the video above, where I explain how to shift your mindset away from thinking that your clients won’t pay you that much. I share how your doubts or old beliefs prevent the good stuff from happening. Instead, you can learn to change your thinking and what you expect to happen, so that good clients, great jobs, and the big bank account show up.

Want to discover more mindset strategies that can help you earn more with every job?

Learn more about them and the other tips and techniques we teach in IDBA’s coaching and education programs by clicking below to speak with one of our coaches.

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Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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