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Indecision is Self-Sabotage


Indecision is one of the greatest forms of self-sabotage. It is the thief of your time, projects, and progress. It tends to get in the way no matter what.



It can come up in many different ways, including simply putting things off. It happens when you don’t make a decision about something you know you need to do. Indecision usually has to do with you personally, which is hidden “under the surface.” You know what you need to do is there, and it’s on your list, but somehow, it stays there and never gets done.

It’s an avoidance tactic. And when you don’t do what you’re supposed to, the consequences can come back and bite you.

One example of indecision is ignoring things. It could be the giant bank card bill or something else requiring action that seems unpleasant. When you look at something and pay attention to it, then make a decision about what to do about it, you’re going to be much further ahead.

Sometimes indecision is about something that hasn’t happened yet but requires you to make a decision. It shows up as weighing you down or causing you to feel sluggish, and you can’t get motivated. Those feelings can often be about indecision, and it means you should take a look at what’s going on in your life to see if something needs to be cleared up.

Another way that indecision gets in the way is when you don’t ask for help. Maybe you need advice on how to go after a job you want, but you worry about asking, and then you pause and don’t ask or go after the necessary information to get it.

By the time you deal with the indecision, you’ve lost the timeframe as well as the opportunity to get the job.

The worst way indecision shows up is when you wait to see what happens. It’s a very passive stance. Maybe you’re waiting for someone to make the decision for you and guaranteed, it will not be a good result.

You end up giving away your power, and that’s not where you want to be.

If you make a decision and make a move, everyone else has to shift behind you. It’s far better to make that decision and step in and let others react or respond to you compared to the other way around. It’s a much stronger and beneficial place to be.

Watch the video above to learn what happens to your design business when you stay in a state of indecision. It impacts how your clients relate to you and how you view them, which then negatively impacts the job itself.

When you pay attention to indecision, you can improve your life and business. By recognizing it, you can see how it acts as a resistance factor that self-sabotages every aspect of your life in a massive way.

If you are looking for support with being proactive, making informed decisions in your design business, wish you were earning more money, had a dedicated team and proven systems behind you that create freedom for you, then let’s talk.

Our education and coaching programs meet you where you are in your design business. If you are interested in learning more, now is a great time to schedule a clarity call with one of our coaches. The call is free, a lot of fun, and there is no obligation.

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Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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