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[Video] Leveraging Your Business

I know you are all very busy these days. It is great to have tons of clients, but it takes your nights and weekends to get everything done.

The big question is: how long can you keep up the pace? What is working all the time doing to your family? Your relationship? Your health?

When you leverage your business, you get out of the “dollars for hour” mode of doing business and into a system that allows you to serve 2x, 5x, or even 10x more people, charge considerably more for your services, and work fewer hours.

Does that sound impossible? It’s not.

At Interior Design Business Academy, we’ve helped hundreds of designers do just that with our Structure program.

But can you do that right now? Probably not…

Because leveraging your business has to do with the structure of your design business. The way your business model is set up doesn’t allow you to expand any further than the number of hours you have.

And many designers are working way too many hours without nearly making enough money.

When you structure your business model for leverage, you can serve more clients, charge higher fees, take nights and weekends off, and have six weeks of vacation time every year.

In my world, sacrificing your life for your business is not okay.

This type of change takes some time to shift. You must shift into a thoughtful way of operating that allows more people in and help them more efficiently while also increasing your freedom.

Think about the way you serve design clients now and consider the entire process you go through to complete a job.

Many times, you have so many meetings and back-and-forth conversations, texts, and emails that a job can’t possibly be profitable, especially small ones.

You end up stuck in a loop, which is not where I want you to be. I want you to think about the process you use and how many clients you can actually serve on a good day. The truth is that what got you to where you are now required a lot of hustle, which is commendable.

What is required to move your design business up-market isn’t more hustle. It’s a paradigm shift.

Watch the video above where I explain how that shift has to happen for you to handle more clients.

Just imagine this: Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine is running a 6-page spread of the fabulous house you just finished, your phone is ringing, and many big, new clients are showing up.

This scenario could easily increase your business 10x. Could you handle it? If that scenario terrifies you more than excites you, IDBA can help!

Are you ready for a shift in the impact you have on people, the clients you serve, the profits you make, and your free time? Those shifts often need support, and we are here to help. Book a free and fun clarity call with one of our coaches.

This could be the phone call that changes everything!

Schedule your call now.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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