Mean Girls of Interior Design

Success always draws criticism.

It’s sometimes difficult for interior designers to step into bigger things, shift old ways, and do something new because we’re worried about being criticized.

Even when the opportunities are great and will help you make more money in interior design, you may be afraid to do things that will make yourself different, like putting your first appointment fee on your website.

HINT: This is a really good idea, it lets people know how to get started with you! Another great idea – becoming totally fee-based (more on that in the future).

Sometimes those things are very hard to do because your peer group isn’t doing it, and designers often want to fit with the crowd.

But you have to realize that people who criticize you are actually worried you might become more successful than them. They want you to stay the same so they can avoid feeling bad about themselves.

Think about designers you know who criticize

…do they also:

  • Hoard information
  • Talk about others behind their back
  • Blame others for their failures
  • Are not learners and never go to school since “they think they know it all“?!

The Universal law of Association says that the five people that you’re closest to (aka your peer group) is responsible for your income and your success.

That means you need to be careful about who you hang out with because it’ll affect all aspects of your life.

It also means that when you hang out with successful interior designers, they’re never going to criticize you but instead want to see you succeed!

They share information, express gratitude daily, accept responsibility for their failures and never blame somebody else for situations in their life.

This is what Interior Desing Business Academy is all about: heart-centered, self-aware designers who want to grow and support other designers too!

It’s a whole different paradigm and when you surround yourself with people who are successful and moving up, you’ll receive the benefits of being in a very positive supporting environment (including making way more money in interior design).

If you’re ready to learn how joining IDBA can change your life and business – click here to schedule a Clarity Call and speak with a coach <<<

As always, this is a no-sales pressure call and is a gift from me to you if you’re ready to discover how to start living your best life!

As President John F. Kennedy famously said, “a rising tide lifts all boats”, and it couldn’t be truer!

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth!

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