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Moving Past Fear & Into Solutions

Scared, angry, and hurt.

Some designers I’ve coached lately are in scary circumstances, where they’re a bit fearful of what’s going to happen to their businesses. You know, situations like:

  • Painting an entire house before the client decides it’s not the real color they wanted
  • Being in the middle of a bathroom remodel when the client calls and freaks out because they hate the tile
  • Ordering an expensive piece of furniture only to discover something is wrong with it and the vendor won’t repair or even help!

Yes, these are scary situations because they involve a lot of money and liability – so it’s easy to get into a place of fear.

The key in these moments is to recognize that being fear-based isn’t a good place to operate from because no one makes good decisions when we’re scared.

Our brains naturally take anything negative and increase the intensity by 10 as humans. It’s a part of our evolution and can be traced back to a time when we were afraid of being eaten by tigers!

Good news: tigers are no longer an immediate danger. More good news: our reactions to fear can be controlled!

The next time you’re in a situation where you become afraid, do yourself a favor and pause for a minute to really check-in with yourself.

You want to get out of your head and move your awareness into your heart and body because that’s where lots of your true intelligence lives.

Next, look at the situation objectively to start separating what actually happened from the story that you’re creating about it (known as drama or the emotional response).

You’ll get some perspective, start seeing the situation/challenge/problem in a whole different light and with clarity when you remove the emotional charge.

Now, the next step is to research all possible the choices for solving the issue without making any judgments.

Don’t look at an option and say to yourself, “Oh, she’ll never… she’ll never accept that, I’m not even going to think about that.”

Instead, get all the facts, figure out all the possible ways this could resolve, write them down, and look at them on a table to decide what makes the most logical sense in order to solve the problem with a win-win.

A win-win is where everyone can walk away feeling ok about the solution – there are no absolute winners or losers.

When you go into a negotiation with a win-win mindset it’s highly likely that you will get that result. I’ve done it over and over again and it works really well.

The more you work on this mindset of getting the emotion out of a situation, you’ll find a resolution and move on quickly with a level head.

Do not let your emotions take over you, because they’ll hijack your life, your business, and take you in directions you don’t want to go if you let them.

The steps to get yourself out of fear and into a good decision-making mode is the sort of thing that we often discuss and work through at Interior Design Business Academy.

If you’re feeling like you need this type of support, to have someone you could call up and talk to about a situation in order to figure out what the best solution is for a win-win in your business, then maybe it’s time for you to book your Clarity Call with an IDBA Coach.

This call is complimentary and will help you decide on the next best step for achieving your goals in business.


Until then, design something beautiful and get paid with your worth!

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