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Let’s talk about moving your design business up market. It’s a crucial phase that every designer hopes will happen. However, it won’t happen because the high-end or big-budget fairy taps you on the head. The project doesn’t come first. It’s actually a mindset shift within yourself when you decide to raise your wealth consciousness to attract those types of jobs and make them your new normal.



Every designer wants a great job that’s a big, beautiful house, a new build, or a complete remodel. You get to do all the interior design, and it’s easily the sort of job that could get published and help you make a name for yourself. Everyone wants to get there, but it takes moving your mindset to a place where you are a high-end designer before that big job unfolds.

This scenario reminds me of a designer who came to me because she had received a referral for a high-end condo. She was hired to do all the finishes and furnishings, and she charged her client $6,000. At the time, she thought that was a lot of money, and she could pull the job off for that amount. As you probably realize, it took over a year to complete the job.

By the time she was done, she figured she was making about $20-$30 per hour, which isn’t where you want to be. So, when she came to me afterward, her response was, “I think I did something wrong.” What was wrong was that her mindset wasn’t in that high-end place yet.

Watch the video above where I share how she and I worked together to move up her self-worth. Not only did I show her how to improve her understanding of wealth consciousness, but I helped her increase her fees to $31k on her next job. I also explain what “pass the salt” means and how you can use it to feel comfortable and confident to charge your clients more.

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Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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