[Video] Present in Person

Present in Person

I recently worked with a designer on an offer she prepared for a client. It was a beautiful, graphic-style presentation and an excellent proposal with an $80K furniture budget and a $9500 fee.

She put the presentation in an email and hit send – entering risky territory.

I say it’s risky because when you send something like that through email, the potential client may have questions or need clarification that you’re not there to provide.

And often, when someone has questions on a proposal, if they aren’t addressed quickly, it turns into a negative response, and they get stuck there. This is entirely avoidable.

And let’s face it, email can be somewhat unreliable. It may never reach them, or they might open it when they’re preoccupied and forget about it later.

If you really want this job, it’s best to present the offer in person.

Being present with your potential client for the offer allows you to address any questions or concerns they may have. And while you may not get an immediate yes from them, they’ll likely ask for a few days to digest the information.

From there, you just make a follow-up appointment.

You worked hard on getting this job, so you need to be sure you’re following through.

The sales process doesn’t end when you get the numbers right and create a pretty proposal. You have to go through the entire process with white-glove service, and being present with them every step of the way is more likely to get you that yes you’re looking for.

Any job worth going after is worth going after in person. That’s the bottom line.

Watch the video above for more on being present with your clients.

If you are interested in learning more about strategies for your business, book a clarity call with one of our coaches.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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