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Show Home Magic & Richard Rabel

Showhomes create amazing credibility and celebrity.

Celebrity is an important element for up-leveling your business. It’s what makes it possible to have those bigger and better clients.

The recognition and positioning you have with show house attendees is another major benefit.

High end clients instantly think that you must be really, really good if you’ve been chosen to be part of this group of talented, show-stopping designers.

This public perception helps shift your business into working with up level clients because they see you in a different light.

It’s also true that you get a mindset upgrade when you’ve been in a show house.

Not only because you’re acknowledged and respected by higher-end clients, but also from the company you keep.

Being in a group of elite designers – where you’re totally accepted, working elbow to elbow to get this thing done – naturally shifts the way see yourself. It increases your confidence in handling clients and managing your jobs.

Show homes are a win-win-win!

Meet a friend and former IDBA student, Richard Rabel.

Back in 2013, Richard came to me with a practice in Manhattan. He was doing pretty well but had a whole batch of nasty, bully clients. These clients thought they knew more than Richard and were pushing him around — trying to turn him into a personal shopper.

You know what I’m talking about, it’s happened to me many times, and I think it’s probably happened to every interior designer at least once.

The psychological piece to work past these kinds of clients includes learning how to present yourself with enough confidence that you can blow through their defenses, get them to pay attention, and treat you the way you’re supposed to be treated so you can do your job.

Richard and I worked on mindset strategies for presenting jobs and making offers.

When you make an offer about what you can do, how you do it, how a job is run, then you then have the upper hand in the situation. This is when you can step into those big, juicy jobs with more confidence and control… and not be bullied around.

As a result of his mindset work, his business grew and in 2019 Richard was invited to be a part of the Kips Bay Show House in New York City!

We couldn’t be prouder of him for jumping into the big pond, a kind of the last frontier!

Not only is the room spectacular, but it’s a true show stopper!

When you hit this Kips Bay level, you really hit the top of the pile. We are so proud of Richard and that we were a part of his journey in getting there – this is really fabulous.

If you get this opportunity to be in a show house, say yes and jump in!

It doesn’t have to be Kips Bay, start where you’re at and move up through the levels to get all the benefits that come with Show Homes.

Not sure how to get in a Show Home or the mindset tools for working with clients that respect and pay you what you’re worth?

Let’s chat for free so we can explore working together.

The IDBA system has always worked for other interior designers and I believe it will help you too.


Until we talk, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth!

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