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Very Best Interior Designer Business Advice

Create a big vision and be consistent.

This is the very best interior design business advice I can give you — stay with your vision, stay connected to it all the time, and always keep it in front of you.

Big vision = Goals for your business

You may find it hard to set goals because you may not have been taught to do it. And sometimes, we don’t even believe that if we set a goal it’s possible to achieve.

But the reality is that if you don’t have a clear goal, if you aren’t very precise in what it is you want and where you’re going, then you wouldn’t even know what it looked like if you did get there!

The first thing to do is let go of any worry or thoughts related to, “what if I don’t make my goal?


Because by setting a goal you’ll probably come very close to reaching it…and that is the goal!

If you want to make $350,000 this year in sales, but only make $340,000 because somebody didn’t pay their bill in time, you still made it!

Targets are there to help you aim — to keep you focused and give you direction.

Not sure how to set a goal?

Start by getting specific on what you want and be very, very clear!

How do you get clear?

Start with the number of clients do you actually want in a year and the kind of jobs are they bringing.

Then go a level deeper and ask yourself, “what kind of value does each client have in terms of design time and product”?

Other questions to help you get clear on your goal:

  • What are you going to charge to design this kind of job?
  • How much product is involved?
  • What are the product sales?

The final piece and really important piece, what do you want to end up in your pocket?

What amount do will help you meet your needs, help support your family, to do all those things you want to do?

When you get really clear about this, write it all down — you don’t want to do it your head!

TIP: Put it on index cards, carry them around with you, look at them, and say each one out loud every day.

When you start focusing on your goals, making them front and center in your life, you’ll be amazed at what starts happening beside the scenes!

Start being mindful of the things you’re doing during the day, activities you’re involved in, and take a second to reflect on whether or not that activity is really taking you to your goal or not.

This isn’t something we usually talk about. You’ve got a lot of busy work in your life, doing and working harder and harder. But the reality is that working harder isn’t going to get you closer to your goals.

Instead, it’s the paradigm shift of working smarter and being clear about what you’re doing and making sure what you’re doing is always focused on your bigger vision and goal you’ve set out to accomplish.

And frankly, when you find yourself in an activity that doesn’t connect you to that goal, it gets easier to let it go!

If you’re in that space of wanting to get focused on your goals and want to explore how IDBA can help you get there, then let’s talk.

CLICK HERE for a complimentary Clarity Call <<<

Get a goal, take aim, and move! It’s the only way to really make your dreams come true. Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth!

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