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[Video] Your Money Relationship

Your Money Relationship

Let’s talk about wealth consciousness.

I did a webinar yesterday for the designers coming to The Real Deal next week.

Wealth consciousness is all about your awareness of your relationship with money. It is important for designers because we work with people much wealthier than we are that come from entirely different backgrounds.

Because of that, we need to be aware of the personal money story that we bring to our job.

So let me ask you, what is your relationship with money?

It may seem odd to think about money as something you have a relationship with, but an ideal relationship with money looks a lot like the relationship you’d want to have with someone you’re close with.

You want to feel that money is kind, generous, and supportive. You want it to be consistent and dependable. You want to feel like it is a solid part of your life.

That is an abundance mindset.

It is an attitude about how the universe will take care of you and how the money will show up for you.

Our ideal clients have a very abundant mindset. They expect it to be there and use it as a tool to fix problems.

Alternatively, someone can have a scarcity mindset.

Their relationship with money is entirely different. They may feel there isn’t enough to go around and that it isn’t dependable.

They have very different feelings about money and don’t believe the universe will care for them.

These two mindsets will attract vastly different types of clients.

Our energy needs to be a match with the people we want to work with.

There is an excellent quote about prosperity from Eric Butterworth.

“Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, not just money and things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, not just a lack of money and things.”

That speaks to the fact that scarcity or poverty is not something that happens to you. It is a mindset that keeps you in a place of being less than and never having enough.

On the other hand, prosperity is a mindset of abundance that leads to being able to buy the things you want and need.

There is no prosperity fairy.

The choice to live and work from a place of abundance is entirely up to you.

We expected the universe and those around us to meet our needs when we were born because we had an untainted abundance mindset.

As we went through life, our needs eventually weren’t met the way we expected them to be, and our ideas about the world started to shift.

So our money mindset, whether good or bad, was developed subconsciously as we grew up.

And while it may be under the surface, it determines everything you do now.

Prosperous people, like our ideal clients, have a strong abundance mindset. We know like attracts like, so you have to match their energy and mindset to attract your ideal client.

If you’re working from a poverty mindset, you won’t be an energetic match, and they won’t hire you for the job because it doesn’t feel right.

However, if you do the work to get rid of your money baggage and transition to prosperity thinking, you can match up with your ideal clients and work really well together.

Matching your client’s energy doesn’t mean you are as wealthy as them or live the way they do.

It is more of an understanding and appreciation for their luxurious lifestyle and recognizing the joy it brings them to buy something extravagant without worrying about the money.

When you bring a scarcity mindset to your work, you attract clients who focus on lack and try to make things less expensive.

They want you to match internet prices or share your discount because they can’t really afford your services.

I’m asking you to be aware of your relationship with money and how you feel about wealthy people and expensive things.

Then, look deeper into how that mindset affects your business and work to let it go.

You can’t attract something you don’t like or are resentful of. And keep in mind, money doesn’t make a person good or bad, it just amplifies who they already are.

Once you tackle your money mindset, you’ll be able to receive the abundance of wealthy, generous clients that the universe will send your way.

We work on many mindset issues in The Real Deal because it is a vital part of learning to charge high-end fees. You have to recognize the value you bring to these clients and that they want to pay you.

Watch the video above to dive deeper into wealth consciousness with me.

Be sure to join us next year for the Real Deal!

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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