What Can Happen When You Have A Little Help

Wendy is a designer who’s a member of our Structure program. We were introduced a few years ago through one of the members in her local round table of designers.

Before we met, she was telling herself: “My business is fine.”  Seems like a safe, comfy enough thought… but it was keeping her and her design business from reaching a much higher level of success.

Fast-forward to today.  Her business is now bringing her abundance on a level she hadn’t previously thought to reach for

What she tells herself (and her friends) today is much different than it was back then. 

In her words: “I thought I was doing OK… I wasn’t really doing OK.  I can’t believe the numbers that are coming out of my mouth now.”

Want to know what she did, that changed it all for her?

Watch her story below.

Right now, I’m kicking off this year’s session of the coaching program that 5x’ed Wendy’s business and life.

Now’s your chance to see if our Growth or Structure programs are a good fit for you- this year’s group of designers are not waiting around to get started!  And we’d LOVE for you to join us.  I’ll see you inside!