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Have you ever noticed that some designers’ names are constantly mentioned in the media because of winning design awards?

Have you ever been at an ASID or IDS awards banquet and one particular designer seems to win big again and again?

It happens all the time, one designer seems to take it all and leaves everyone else wondering, what gives?

Somebody is grumpily saying “This has to be rigged, she must be friends with the judges, this isn’t fair. I’m not going to enter again, I am done.

Here’s the truth: no one has any idea who will be judging or what aesthetic sensibility they will be looking for, everyone is just rolling the dice and the secret to winning lots of awards and being published is so simple that most people overlook it.

The secret to winning lots of awards is to create many entries in the competition, enter everything you did this year.

Yes, it is that simple… You put a bunch in; you have a much larger chance of getting a lot out.

And as Wayne Gretzky points out, “ You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The second most important thing you need to win design prizes is to have a terrific opening shot. That means you need one totally outstanding and amazing photograph of your space that will make anyone stop in their tracks and say, “WOW.”

It is important to understand that the judges are looking at a lot of images at one time, and it does get tiring.

I know because I was a judge for the National ASID awards the year after I won.

So, take my advice, it is important to spend the time and energy to find the amazing shot and the great photographer that can capture it for you.

The last tip is also deceptively simple…follow the directions explicitly!

I have seen countless, otherwise, excellent entries disqualified because they missed a piece, sent the wrong size photos or too many photos, included way too many words in the design explanation or forgot to write the captions for the photos.

Be sure to get another set of “eyes” to check your entry packet against the competition rules to be certain that you didn’t accidentally disqualify yourself.

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