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You’ve worked hard to gain the skills and clients necessary to be a successful designer. People love working with you and it gives you a special sense of satisfaction knowing you’re helping them create the home of their dreams.

But, is something missing?

Do you have business goals that are just out of reach?

Let one of IDBA’s coaching and training programs help take your design business to the next level.

Coaching & Training Programs

Modern Designers Guide

Start building your business and do the things you love. With this program, you can reprioritize your business to have more income and the freedom to create the business and life you

​Growth Program

Focus more on signing up high-paying clients and start earning $10K or more a month. Discover how to grow your business faster, work with more affluent clients and ramp up your income.

Structure Program

Help your business run more smoothly with backroom systems and a virtual team. Get the training to set up systems and delegate tasks as well as leave behind stress and overwhelm.

Masters Program

Isn’t it time to move your business into something extraordinary? Find both a mentor and community to help take you to the next level, make 7-figures and position yourself as a leader.  

Looking for a more personal touch and faster growth?

There is no better way than in-person training and 1:1 consultations

Limited 1 on 1 Coaching Packages

Terri’s best kept secret!

Free Monthly Business CEU Training

Live Events: Retreats & Annual Design Summit

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Kirsten U.

Kristen U.

THANK YOU TERRI! I am starting a project with my "dream" client. Without your time estimating schedule, the LOA template and all your valuable coaching advice and support I would not have been where I am now!

Catherine G.

Many thanks for a wonderful Good Clients Great Money retreat weekend to top off the many weeks of educational phone calls. I really appreciate all of your good advice for the interior design business and life in general!

Mimi F.

I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful advice you had given me. We tackled so many issues during our very intense day, it wasn’t until I transcribed your outlines into the notebook [that] I was able to absorb the issues and our solutions

Sue-Anne W.

The Good Clients, Great Money program helped me realize that the potential and possibility for real success is right here. The weekend at the retreat, I didn’t know what to expect, but I would say that Terri has over delivered. The group is so talented and it was a pleasure to share and receive from them. I now have some great action steps to take away and put into place, and know I can accelerate my growth. Being a business owner can be quite isolating, but this program helps and supports me so I can focus more clearly on the things that matter.

Marcia M.

This was an incredibly helpful seminar. I now have a much better handle on running my business, what to charge a client, and closing potential projects ... As I was talking with the first potential client who called after I returned home I decided I should raise my fee. After explaining what I provide during the initial consult I quoted (them my new fee) and they said "fine, when can we book a time?

Vanessa S

Vanessa S.

Yesterday I got another job... I'm on a roll! This time I will be getting paid what I am worth... Your LOA, Client Expectations forms, PO, etc. are a lifesaver. THANK YOU!!!!

Mimi R.

I presented the letters in person, as you have stressed we do. My clients and I read them together, they signed them and gave me a check. It was the most stress-free experience ever. I now have a new client for whom I must write an LOA to select and purchase a house full of furniture. I am finding this letter much more difficult to do. Because I cannot project how long it is going to take me to create the furniture plans and to find the furnishings I want to specify, or to determine how many client meetings will be required. I will keep plugging away at it. The courses I have taken from you have been invaluable.

Nicki W.

This program has a lot of benefits, but my one big take-away at the retreat was that I learned that I have real issues with money. I was leaving money on the table and not charging what I was worth. Terri’s Money Archetypes module helped me get a handle on these issues. It taught me how to develop boundaries and ask for owed money so I have more control over my income. Interior Designers often work alone, so I really enjoyed meeting other designers in one location. We are all the same, dealing with the same issues and challenges. I made some lifelong friends in the program, and it’s got me thinking about what I have to do.

Donna A P.

Since starting this program I have learned the skills to rebuild my confidence, and I have watched myself turn the corner. Terri has given me the tools I needed to help me build my company up again to where it once was and I want it to be. If it were not for Terri, I do not think I could have done it. I was ready to retire, and although I have been in the program a short time, I have been able to change many of the things that were holding me back. First and foremost, Terri has given me the my confidence back I needed to move forward and not remain stagnant. I now have tools and assignments so I can move forward. Listening to the other designers at the retreat, I learned I was not all by myself. There were so many that felt the same way and Terri has helped us all. I am so glad I found Terri.

Jacqui L.

The Project Time Estimate is a great tool in my business arsenal - with this document, I confidently calculate the time it takes for a project, large or small. Through her vast business experience, Terri has thoughtfully laid out the prospective aspects of every design job. Because of this, I am assured that nothing is missed with I calculate the house it takes. I know I can complete the job for a fair price and stay efficient with my hours. Most importantly, I am confident in presenting my Letter of Agreement. This tool takes the guess work out of the fixed fee, and in my opinion, also increases the professional optics when presentation my LOA ... it's not a dart-board guess. I don't think my competition could say the same.

Cecilia P.

This project estimating system worksheet is helping me to give a price to a client easier and quickly. A lot to learn, but I'm already using it. I have a guide system now that will help me to quote in a very professional and accurate way any small, medium, or large job.

Diana W.

I had tailored my business to scale down and up so many times, but didn't have the structure in place. This showed me the power to capitalize on other business for the team, and myself, and for the first time determine a course of work with serious production magnified by having the right team. This was a very powerful workshop for me. This brought together for me a system that is proven, workable and manageable.

Amy S.

I listen to every webinar that you offer and I purchased your Designing for Dollars Home Study Series and have listened to it 3 times … I wanted to make sure you knew that you are helping more people than you realize. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Leslie S.

I found the GCGM retreat very energizing and empowering. I now have specific goals in place with a timeline to achieve them, and I made some great new friends in the process. It was reassuring to know we were all experiencing the same challenges and Terri walked each of us through the process of believing in ourselves as well as the practical steps of running a business.

Rhea M.

My experience at the Good Clients Great Money retreat was AMAZING. [It]...far exceeded the time and expense that I would have endured over years trying to learn from another designer. I get to run my business the way I want and have the opportunity to learn from a great mentor

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