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Sometimes I hear a lot of complaints about how hard it is being a small business entrepreneur, owning your own design business. I hear lots of feedback that it is to demanding, takes too much time, and requires too much energy and sacrifice to be worthwhile.

Being a successful and joyful business owner requires a certain mindset to keep you focused and disciplined, but perhaps, an entirely different mindset to keep you flexible, relaxed and empowered. When you are feeling overwhelmed by your work and there is just too much stuff to do, it is time to take a fresh look at what it means to own your own business.

There are some universal truths about entrepreneurship and the connection to hard work. Take a look and see which truths you need to consider.

Your business is not something you add to your “to do” list.

Do not treat your work as something that needs to checked off every day, as this is the energy of drudgery and obligation. Keep your business a top priority. Your business is a desirable place and is the focal point for your passion and energy. When you approach your work from this direction even the most repetitive of tasks can be fulfilling.

Your business is a creative expression of you.

Just be yourself. How many times have you heard that? Joyful work comes from your higher sense of purpose, service and love. When you allow your uniqueness to shine through – your talents, your gifts, your skills, your interests, your sense of style, and even your quirks – you are able to create and build your business with authenticity and ease.

Your business is a vehicle through which money flows.

Entrepreneurs are in business as an alternative to having a traditional job. Unless you have another place where money comes from, your business is the way you give and receive value in the world.

This simple statement creates instant fear in some people and for others it motivates and inspires. If you are agonizing over money in your business, you have probably lost sight of a very important fact…

You are entitled to receive money in exchange for your contributions to the world. Period.

Whether you do that by working in a private business, a corporate job, or your own business, it is all the same. You provide a service or product and money flows back to you in return. It really is that simple.

Your business is not you.

You personally are not your business. Your business is a separate entity from you and must be treated as such. The truth is, that in order to be successful you must learn the difference between working on your business as opposed to working in your business.

Your business has a life of its own.

Every business has a life force that needs to be nurtured and respected. When you ignore this truth and allow the energy to wander off in unintended directions, rekindling and refocusing requires a lot of energy and can be exhausting.

When you tap into the life of your business and allow it to flow, you keep it in motion with new ideas and experiences. This allows new opportunities to appear. You soon will become very clear about what it is that you want. That is how you become unstoppable – and the concept of your business being hard work is gone forever.

Take time to reflect on these concepts. How do they shift your perspective about working in your business? What changes do you need to make to move your business from frustrating to terrific?

Act NOW!

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