You’re So Close!

Are you finding yourself busy with work and clients all the time, often with no room left for anything else in your life?

Or maybe that despite loving your work with your clients and jobs, you’re starting to feel burned out?

Sure … you’re making OK money but you know there is so much more out there and feel like the great clients and big jobs are right there in front of you, yet stay just out of your reach?

I understand how frustrating this can be and the feeling of loving your work but hating the situation you’re in.

You’re not alone. I’ve coached hundreds of designers through this challenge before and thankfully there’s an easy explanation for why this is happening and how to fix it!

Let’s Start Here: there are the two things that are the cause your struggles.

First: You’re not packaging your offers for design services and positioning them properly in the initial meeting with the client.

Instead you’re still working by the hour, over delivering your services, spending extra unpaid time trying to save the client money and in the end, diminishing your value in the client’s eyes.

Packaging your design services helps you get your time under control, so you know exactly what you need to deliver and how much time you have to do it.     It’ll also increases client happiness because they’ll have a clear picture of what they get and what it will cost.

The added bonus?

You make way more money with packaged services! You can charge more than your (internal) hourly rate and stop over-delivering your services.

The second way you keep yourself on the edge of almost up leveling your business, but not quite ever getting there, is your mindset.

The problem here is you don’t believe your clients will actually pay you what you’re really worth, that if the client actually knew how much this is going to cost then they wouldn’t do the job!

So instead of about talking confidently about money and getting budget agreement with potential clients during your first meeting, you’re still trying to do a little bit of design and see if they buy something more.

This is the most inefficient way possible to run your business.


Your current mindset is stopping you from the abundance that is right here waiting for you.

Abundance is your birthright and it is not just for some, it is for everyone.

When you realize and step into your wealth conscious mindset, you’ll confidently say “yes” to the opportunities that’ll take you to the business and lifestyle you want today.

I want you to discover how to quickly package your design fee and shift into an abundant mindset to increase your revenue and your profits.

And that’s why I’m offering the same system I teach to my exclusive coaching clients at Designing for Dollars: How to Get paid Twice as Much with the Designers Money Magnet Mindset  at Market Square, the day before High Point this year.

Now I warn you, this is a different type of training; it is not a fluffy, skim over the surface, what and why. This is detailed, specific, full day of training with templates, worksheets and scripts.

So if you want to cut through the noise and clutter, and get the real training for up-leveling your business by creating your wealth consciousness and signing up design clients in a proven successful manner, then get your seat today for Designing for Dollars and I’ll see you at High Point!

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